Thursday, 11 June 2015


So last Monday my friends and I spent our day at....*jeng jeng jeng*
So now you must be wondering what on earth is that right?

"LOST SG is a high-tech real-life room escape game where players have to put together thought provoking clues, solve seemingly abstract puzzles and race against time to escape from a locked room. Pay attention to every little detail in the rooms, because even the slightest object could be the key to your escape"

The game we played was Exodus.
*photo extracted from LOSTSG website*

They also offer other games such as, Alcatraz, Aokigahara, Castiglione and Isometrick.

I've always heard of these escape rooms games and have always wanted to try them out for myself. When i had the chance to experience it for myself i was hyped like mad. Like really mad. As expected, they didn't disappoint. To be honest i'm not really good at all these problem solving games and i am a total bimbo (i admit T.T) So thankful for my smart friends now:)

Really had loads of fun during the game and I promise you won't regret trying it out. Everything blew my mind away. From the high-technology to the creativity of the games. I'm not even exaggerating. So its a "10/10 must go and see for yourself" rating.

Just casually hugging my new bff

Us after wrecking our brains


Non-peak hours
(Monday - Friday: 1100 - 1730)

Peak hours
(Monday - Friday: 1800 to 2300)
(Saturday & Sunday: Whole day)


Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03

6717 1688

Do check out their website and Facebook for further details!



Really wanna thank LOSTSG for having us over and giving us the chance to experience your games! We'll definitely be back for more!

By the way i'll be giving away a free pass to 1 follower + 5 of her/his lucky friends on my INSTAGRAM! Do check it out to find out how to win :)


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